We drive

innovation at many levels.

Investments in innovations are investments in the future of our economy and our society. We offer support to companies, scientific institutions and public facilities in four areas.

Management of innovation networks

At the interface between science and business, we support companies and research institutions in efficiently utilizing ideas and research results from innovation projects and taking them to a new level.

Our services

  • Initiation and development of cross-company research and innovation projects through funding consulting, consortium formation and process support
  • Establishment and maintenance of networks for business, research and multipliers
  • Establishment and support of expert networks and cluster structures
  • Business management for large innovation networks
  • Provision of a coworking space
  • Marketing and communication

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Knowledge transfer

Because innovation needs space for interdisciplinary exchange, we design creative event and innovation formats. We carry these out both internally in our networks and with our own partners and externally at conferences and congresses.

Our services

  • Creation of innovative event concepts
  • Conception of cross-company exchanges of experience
  • Networking events tailored to target groups
  • Integration into major industry-relevant events
  • Design and implementation of innovation formats to convey methodological expertise
  • Provision of information in print and digital media

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Innovation process support

When developing innovation strategies, every company sets different priorities. We support companies in developing and implementing their innovation roadmaps. To do this, we build holistic enabling chains that support companies from idea generation to implementation and scaling.

Our services

  • Consulting in the identification of innovation projects
  • Support in designing innovation roadmaps in the areas of idea generation and inspiration, prototyping and testing, business models, and innovation culture
  • Innovation process support in the implementation of ideas into concrete products
  • Provision of coworking infrastructure in close proximity to research and application centers
  • Design of innovative and innovation-promoting workspaces

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European networking

Today more than ever, multidisciplinary and pan-national innovation concepts are required. We participate in research projects on a European and international level, manage consortia and ensure the necessary technology transfer.

Our services

  • Coordination of networks, project and quality management
  • Innovation and challenge management
  • Community building and mentoring services
  • research marketing


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Cooperation partners

We work intensively with the two Fraunhofer Institutes and the Technical University of Dortmund at the Dortmund site.

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